“Why shouldn’t you delay your baby’s first Dental Checkup ?”

Dental experts say, that the first check of your child’s tooth should be scheduled at the time when the first tooth erupts or before his or her first birthday. The first visit to a dental specialist can always be a bit worrying for parents because they do not really know what to expect. Most parents are also worried that it would be difficult to manage their babies at the time of checkup.

What happens in a typical first dental checkup for babies at Novocare dental clinic edappally, Kochi?

Your babys’s first ever dental checkup at our dental clinic at Kochi normally lasts for 15 to 30 minutes. We mainly take spent our time to educate the parents about regular oral hygiene habits, in order to avoid early childhood caries.

Do you know about early childhood caries ?

While feeding, the milk pools in your baby’s mouth all night and the bacteria in the mouth feed on lactose and its produces acids that decays tooth and cause cavities on your baby’s teeth.

What happens when your little one gets decayed teeth?

If left untreated, the decay of your baby’s tiny tooth may lead to big cavities, pain, infection and loss of function.  The situation worsens if the tooth decay spread quickly and could even need dental treatments that has to be done under general anesthesia, as your little baby is unable to co-operate with the procedures.

5 practical ways suggested by experts of Novocare dental clinic edappally, Kochi, to avoid early tooth decay:

  • Give your child water after each time you feed.
  • Give water to your child , each time after you feed.
  • It’s better to avoid nighttime feeding.
  • Don’t give your child, juices which are concentrates of sugar and acids.
  • Have dental checkups every six months.

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